Property Maintenance Services


Vital Property Maintenance Services

Whether you’re a single-family landlord, multifamily unit investor, mixed-use property manager, a quality property maintenance service company can keep your property fresh and usable for tenants.

Without excellent maintenance, many properties are really not investible and asset depreciation becomes an issue for the owner.

Beside a regular schedule of maintenance practices, property maintenance pros can help you focus on predictive maintenance.

This service/capability exceeds the results from only scheduled maintenance and reactive maintenance (fixing things that wear out or break right away) by inspecting and foreseeing when equipment will wear out and thus conduct proactive actions. This is what saves landlords from sudden, costly big expenses.

Maintenance Pros:

  • keep equipment serviced and appliances clean, lubricated, and optimized for heavy duty work
  • provide specialized skills/training or older or newer equipment
  • ensure operations meets government safety standards and other regulations to avoid costly fines and law suits
  • keep shared common areas and pedestrian paths clean and safe
  • respond to emergencies at any time of day or night
  • work indoors or outdoors often in uncomfortable conditions
  • respond to risky assignments on ladders, cramped conditions, heat extremes, near dangerous machines
  • responding to accident/disaster remediation

It’s advised to set your property maintenance budget at 2% to 4% of the property value. For that small amount you may get an excellent return in work provided. And using your property management software time efficiencies help you accomplish more